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2014 Fall Reboot | Focus Lungs & Large Intestine

Oh hey season 6!  I am so not a newbie at this anymore.  Helping people all over the place and lovingView full post »

bee pollen loves you

Bee Pollen! What’s the big deal? It is such an easy and affordable thing to add to your daily regimen. There areView full post »


For me personally I love dips, spreads, dressings and sauces. You?  Veggies never get old when you dress them upView full post »


I almost died when I cut this lemon open and a heart was looking back at me.  Made my day so I am hoping to make atView full post »

fork this: avocado salsa taco salad

I asked my peeps on my personal facebook page what they would like to read about. I am pleasantly surprised to haveView full post »

Dandelion Root Tea with Coconut Oil

I am not going to lie I was turned off by this root at first because it says straight up on the box that it is on theView full post »

Eat Swell Reboot | Fall 2013

Fall is just around the corner! The Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd and it is when all the fun is going to begin.View full post »

addicted to diets | by: angie warren

Before I get Angie on the mic, I just want to say…this adventure is a long time coming. I don’t recall howView full post »


Changing what fuels our physical or emotional selves, wether it be it dietary  and/or lifestyle in nature, isView full post »

vitamix pistachio ice cream | vegan – gluten free – raw

Nothing says summer like a frozen treat and you can whip this up in just a few minutes. Easy is an understatement andView full post »

The Power of IINtuition with Cora Poage | Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I am just going to say it.  I am overwhelmed by what I experienced this weekend at the Institute for IntegrativeView full post »

mega fresh vip | institute of integrative nutrition – long beach, ca

Here I am…led by my gut once again….enrolled in school. The phrase hitting the ground running comes to mindView full post »

gluten free • vegan | coconut curry vegetable soup

Certainly a new favorite of mine. I am a big fan of Thai food so this hits the spot every time. Gluten free, dairyView full post »

sugar free – dairy free – gluten free | snack attack

I could eat this as a main meal but today the flax cracker was a snack vehicle for: 1/4View full post »

southern california food photographer | fork this • quinoa

I will probably be eating again in an hour or so but after my green smoothie this morning this is what came next.View full post »