Woohoo!  It’s my third season running The Reboot and I am so excited to have people wanting to come back from previous seasons to do it again.  I am about due myself.  You really can not over do it with this.  The recipes are great. It’s real food.

By the way… I just bought a smaller cheapo pair of jeans  yesterday cause I don’t plan on staying in them for long.

Let’s face it there are a lot of detox protocols, facts and myths out there.  Why does it have to be so complicated? Trust me…. I totally get it. Round and round and round in internet circles.  Been there done that. Once again I have done the work for you! Yet another season of delicious, simple, easy to create (and modify) smoothies, juices, snacks, and meals.  Ahhhhh real , your husband will like them too, meals.

The Reboot is a program that walks you step by step through a three phase approach to cleansing and rebooting your system with REAL WHOLE FOODS. This means your body gradually releases the toxic load. I see so many programs floating around that you are very much on your own, drinking all juice, all smoothies.  Not the case here. While you certainly could approach it that way I personally and a fan of eating rather than drinking my dinner. The best part is that  I am very invested in supporting everyones needs and answering questions as they come up in the private online forum as well as the addition of 1:1 support if you need it.

You are most likely very busy, working, running a home, managing kids, their schedules all while trying to take care of yourself.  I see so many people wandering around in circles trying this. trying that with little to no success. Or you have gotten only so far and have hit a road block.  It’s super overwhelming and it’s why I ended back up in school for holistic nutrition.  I wanted a clear picture of how to take care of ME.  I didn’t want to jump on anyone specific band wagon because I KNEW INSTINCTIVELY that I had to uncover what was best for me.  Just cutting out sugar with out a plan for the rest of it is a bad idea.  Going vegetarian, vegan, caffeine free, dairy free, Raw, all of these things just seemed like hype.  I didn’t want hype.  I didn’t want gimmick.  I wanted to heal and I knew jumping on those trains was not going to fix me.  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.  That is why this program based on an elimination diet is tailored to everyone because you are in charge.  By taking out allergens and reintroducing them gradually while eating specific things that aid cleansing and detoxification

So keep in mind when looking for a safe protocol and program, you should pay special attention to:
• Is it a gradual approach that can minimize withdrawal, sudden toxin release, and increase success rate.
• Enough food choices for you busy life (protein, snacks and easy to prep foods)

This program and it’s recipes  were geared to minimize severe detoxification symptoms including headache, lethargy, and skin issues putting you on a path to LONG TERM SUCCESS. The body cannot process the large amount of toxins that are suddenly released into the bloodstream, the toxins will get re-absorb into the fat tissue. These symptoms may appear but you are given tools and all the support you need to get through these sometimes uncomfortable moments.

Let’s face it poor food choices,  habits and patterns may be the reason you are experiencing:

•Headaches • Low energy • Indigestion • Constipation • Skin conditions • Insomnia • Eczema • Excess weight • Food Allergies • Irritability • Acid Reflux • Irritable Bowel • Stiff Joints • Back Pain  • Distress and a myriad of other conditions.  

The winter reboot focuses on adrenal health.  If you are not sure about what the adrenal gland function is you can read more about it here and how important it is to have your endocrine system functioning at it’s best.




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Heads up!

  • This is not a crash diet.
  • This is not a competition.
  • There is no right. There is no wrong.
  • This program is flexible to meet you right where you are where you are right now and involves only real food.  Yes. Even animal protein in limited quantities if you need it.
  • No pills. No powders. I have recommendations for products that I love and have used myself or come highly recommended by my colleagues and peers but I am not selling any third party products at this time.
  • You will not go hungry or be limited to smoothies and juice unless  a juice/smoothie only protocol is what you are aiming to accomplish.
  • This is not an instant weight loss program.  Yes, people do lose weight. However due to the fluid intake it fluctuates for everyone.  I have had reports of 5-10 pound loss during the program.
  • This is very much an individual journey and a personal challenge to take you  to the next level of awesome.
  • The best part….You are not on your own.


My goal?  To assist you in facilitating  these healthy changes.  I have blended my nutritional studies with my yoga studies to not only offer something for the body but the mind and soul as well.

Take these 15 days to set the tone because like the seasons our diets will constantly change.   Eat for the weather as well as anything else that comes your way and gracefully eliminate things that are not serving you.

What’s included:

  • Reboot Guide 
: A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to reboot in a safe and natural way.  Three phases (4 days prep, 7 days reboot, 4 days transition)
  • A Recipe Guide:  Over 75 recipes created with an emphasis on improving digestion, decreasing inflammation and keeping you satisfied.
  • Daily Email Support 
You will receive uplifting, informational, tell it like it is daily emails from me supporting you through this entire process.
  • 11 Days of Suggested Meals: The meal planner and CLIFF NOTE GUIDE for those of you that don’t want to think to hard about it.  Just do. You will never feel deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat.
  • Shopping List: for the done for you 11 day, This will make shopping for the done for you guide super easy, which makes prepping, preparing and cooking easy.
  • Success Kit: This kit has every tool you need to make these changes last a lifetime.   
  • Private online forum –  support. support and more support.  You will also most likely make some new like minded goal oriented friends as well. Nothing but love.

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Not only will you get the support you deserve, you will learn how to prepare, prep and create delicious food that will support you in a safe and natural way. Getting healthy is not about drinking juices, only eating smoothies, or living on water. Instead, this 3-level program is based on the elimination diet. By doing this program, you will learn what foods are beneficial to eat during the winter and how to incorporate what you have learned int the future.  Take out the guess work, the endless interweb searches that have you  running you in circles about ready to pull your hair out with contradicting information.   

1 to 1 guidance

This season I have decided to have an add on available to those that wish to have just a little more help getting started with their own plan of attack and a power boost of love somewhere in the middle.

 What’s included:

  • The Winter Reboot and all it’s goodness
  •  +Health history questionnaire submission
  • +2 – 45 minute sessions via phone or skype
  • 1st  session prior to starting the program or in the prep phase
  • 2nd session during the program (reboot or transition phase.)

During your sessions we can discuss anything you you like personal goals, roadblocks, fears, allergies, conditions, ask questions and receive the oh so helpful personalized pep talk.

one on one reboot pricingI am looking forward to meeting you!

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Amy B.



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