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I’m Amy.   part mad scientist,  10 pints artist, 94% dog lover, resident trouble maker,  full time photographer,  intermediate  nature lover, advanced people watcher and self proclaimed food snob. Not really but I just don’t really care for the term foodie…or is it foody?

Who is this girl?   —–> this girl <—– has always loved the sciences and been inquisitive about the human condition.  When becoming an astronaut, veterinarian, marine biologist, child art therapist, and high school art teacher career options fell through, I  started a photo business in 2007 and continue to photograph as my full time job. I love people. Many of them anyway.

What do I eat?  Mostly vegetarian. Often vegan. Occasional carnivore. Gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free as much as possible. I am a proud owner of a Vitamix and a juicer. Grower of kale, basil, chard, and other fancy greens.

Random facts…. I like talking to people.  Listening.  Asking questions.  In fact I just ran across a note on a university level photography assignment stating ” it would great if you stopped chatting in class.”  with a score of 48/50. Classic.  I also turned in my 2009 Toyota Matrix for a 2012 Prius because I needed 4 new tires and an oil change. No brainer right? Hello 50mpg!

Where is this coming from?  I started a personal journey in September 2011 when I was diagnosed with a very painful uterine fibroid after 4 months of wtf?!   I was in research mode for a few months and realized I loved researching, reading and  teaching people about food right out of the gate.  It was the perfect left brain balance to my right brained day job I was needing and wanting.  Soooooo, in January 2012  I started a holistic nutrition certification program and got my very own holistic health coach…… and here I am. Oh, and I  have (almost) completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program.  The yoga teachings are so fun to incorporate into my programs. It’s all about the body, mind, and soul.

Minus the pizza, heavy dosage of refined sugar, sourdough loaves and starbucks habit I have always been pretty healthy.  Sound familar?  Sort of?  A little bit?  Ok, so you have a poptart / nutter butter habit and guzzle diet coke like there is no tomorrow…..but you eat kale.  It’s cool. I totally get it.

I firmly believe that we are what we absorb and that goes far beyond the food we put in our mouths. I can’t wait to assist in arming you with the tools for long term change or to simply inspire you to try something you have never considered.  The whole point is to bust down walls and open doors to find your own greatest potential to be the best version of yourself.  Everybody wants to lead a happier healthier life.  Guidance is soooo nice.  It has been invaluable to my successes so far.

Photography, my first love, has given me the ability to add beauty to the world and Holistic Health Coaching will assist me in changing it.








You can read more about Amy on her a boring photo website and her  a boring photo | blog

  • chassie - May 8, 2012 - 9:03 am

    LOVE the new bio! It made me laugh and it also made me want to be BFF’s with you!ReplyCancel

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