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I asked my peeps on my personal facebook page what they would like to read about. I am pleasantly surprised to have received several ideas for posts. My super talented and painfully delightful friend Vikki in Nampa, Idaho asked for lunch ideas with avocado. It just so happens that his is what I made for lunch today. It would make a great dinner as well.

Confession: I rarely follow recipes.  I wing it….98% of the time (with he exception of my Reboot Recipes) I tend to work with what I have on hand. So what you are going to get from me is CREATIVE FOOD FREEDOM.  It’s a creative process for me and it’s not as hard as you think.  Do I fail? Sometimes but rarely do I concoct something that is totally inedible.

I already had the bulk of this food  already prepped. THIS IS THE KEY TO MAKING QUICK EASY DISHES! I had a serious hankering for chips, salsa and guacamole yesterday.  So I busted some out and have several containers in the fridge that I can pull from over the course of a couple days to make different things.

Shredded chicken:  Crock pot chicken. Nuff said.  I make it plain and store it.  For this I hit it with- chili powder, paprika,  garlic, salt, pepper, and touch or chipotle powder for added spice  and a squeeze of lemon.

Salsa:  Tomatoes, onion, cilantro lemon, garlic powder, salt, pepper, a fresh jalapeno ring or two and a little water (if you like it juicy) It’s best to let it marinate a little while but I dug into it immediately yesterday and it was great.

Guacamole: 3 small ripe avocados, lemon, salt, pepper.  Mash it up.  Boom!

Black Beans: you could easily use these rinsed straight out of the can or some that you have soaked and cooked. I opted for putting them on the stove with a little onion and fresh jalapeno rings and cooking  them down with a little bit of water so they mash up a bit.

Cilantro to taste. I LOVE cilantro.  omit if you can’t stand it.  It’s a free country.

4 stalks of romaine lettuce and a small handful of shredded napa cabbage.  Eye ball it! Spinach would also be dandy but I didn’t have any so…..

I’m guessing I used about 1/4 cup(or less)  of all the sturdy ingredients. Immediately following this photo I mixed this up really well and between the salsa, avocado, beans and lemon …..  who needs dressing? Talk about a self sufficient salad.  Might I also add that I did not miss the cheese, sour cream or sugary hot sauce one bit. If you find it to be a little dry still…. add a tad more salsa or another squeeze of lemon.

Behold the Taco Salad!

AMY BORING - - taco salad

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  • Kelly Coy Morgan - May 2, 2014 - 1:52 am

    That looks and sounds amazing!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie Sandoval - May 15, 2014 - 2:50 pm

    Sounds delicious, Amy. I still bet yours would turn out better than mine, haha!ReplyCancel

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