Hello 2014!

2014.  It’s my year.  It’s your year. I have been anticipating this specific year for a long time.  I couldn’t even tell you why exactly but it’s here and I am excited.  It’s the  year of more books, pen and paper  and less internet. The year of falling in love with photography…. again. More yoga. Less over thinking. More kindness to others as well as  myself. The age of engaging  in more open loving communication and abundant fits of laughter.  It is the time to be surrounded by solid friends, peers, fellow artists, writers, athletes, and people that give and receive (or truly wish work to have) a life functioning at higher vibration. To be happier. More aware.  More present.

I am a just say no to resolutions woman and prefer to set sights on a slow and steady personal REVOLUTION. Ya know, take it deeper than a gym membership, cross fit addiction, or the latest diet book gimmick. Don’t get me wrong…I totally have a gym membership and yes, I too, run like a hamster on a wheel from time to time… but why stop there?  It’s bigger than that. Right? Let this year be about digging down to the roots, exposing and releasing the things that hold us back and replace it with goods that are sustainable for the long term.

So wherever you are on your journey you are exactly where you should be. We ALL have our “stuff” and we all have work to do.

May all of your intentions, goals and plans transpire in this new year with good energy, fluidity and ease. If we are what we absorb, let it all be GOOD.

Cheers to another year of letting go and creating space for how we want to feel.

So….How do you want to feel? It is such a simple question and Danielle La Porte absolutely hit me over the head with it a few weeks ago.  Might not be a bad idea to grab The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions. These books are insightful, witty, authentic and enjoyable reads. Be prepared to do a little work but like yoga I feel like it is go at your own pace.  This is going to be a big theme for this year.

how do you want to feel w-words


NEWS FLASH!!  Hey! Hey! Southern California! Carlsbad, La Jolla, Oceanside, and other surrounding cities in the San Diego area….I have joined forces with  Jackie Marino, a phenomenal licensed Acupuncturist / Quantum Energetics Practitioner in Encinitas, CA. She’s been practicing healing modalities for 10 years and I am so super excited to be in such great company. A  super fantastic combined offer is just around the corner and we will be enrolling soon.  It is bound to shake things up for you in  complimentary, safe and balanced way.  A fantastic offering for anyone at any level of self exploration and development.   I myself have had have had several energetic  treatments with Jackie and will be elaborating more on my experiences with her soon.  Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days.

This has me feeling pretty AWESOME  lately….and busy.

With that said Reboot dates are being released soon. Very soon.

So tell me….How do YOU WANT TO FEEL  today and the rest of 2014?

Please. feel free to share.  I love hearing from you.





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