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I am quiet online these days.  It’s just my season. I read. I think.  I work behind the scenes. I study. I contemplate. I am trying to exercise often, and spend time with my guy.  I feel like I have been talking to the masses for years…..because I have.  I feel like I have a ton of things to say and they will come in due time.  I easily have 30 drafted blog posts in the que over here. Life can get pretty busy with the a boring photo side of things….and let me tell ya….trying to run two businesses and have a life is an interesting and still very new balancing act. So, while I was feeling like a little bit of a failure for not chatting it up on the interwebs I got an email.

And just like that my heart was full and it’s such a nice reminder that it all takes time.  Time to plant the seeds and nurture them until the fruit arrives.  We are all exactly where we should be. If you would like more information on the fall workshops I would love to have you.

I am thankful for this girl and all her swirly, creative, loving energy. Thank you Angie.




angie warren

Amy and I connected years ago and I’ve loved being a part of each other’s journeys as we navigate through our love of art and helping others.

When she began her own path to wellness I was in the midst of severe Post-Postpartum Depression & Anxiety following the birth of my third baby. I watched from the sidelines as she transformed not only her body and what ailed her, but her spirit and mind were obviously changed as well.

More than a year later she offered her first re-boot and I was thrilled to get an opportunity to put into practice what she herself had done.

For me, my love of sugar (and creamy, dreamy iced coffees) would be the greatest challenge to face. Truth be told I’ve still yet to completely cut this out of my life, but what I learned from Amy was that little changes are huge.

I learned that the addition of GOOD things to my diet would eventually push out the BAD and to take it one day at a time. If I make a mistake I am NOT a failure. Lots of lies I’d been convinced of were kicked out the door as I learned these incredibly important lessons from Amy.

Since the reboot I’ve found myself looking at food and health far differently than before. The old Angie would get a venti iced coffee full of cream and sugar and choose to binge the rest of the day. Now? If I get it, I choose a smaller version and add a yummy green juice to my day.

I’ve saved all of Amy’s emails and the incredibly INVALUABLE information into folders on my computer and look forward to re-visiting them here in the next few weeks.

Choosing to jump on board with Amy and the other awesome re-booters is a choice I’ll never regret.




Also, I just want to put this out into the universe…..  Angie’s mother is facing some intense heath issues at the moment.  Please keep them in your thoughts, prayers and intentions for healing and  strength.



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