Summer Lovin’ at It’s Finest | Reboot #2

You asked for it!!

Round TWO.

We are rolling right along in group one.  It’s still early in the game as we end the Prep phase and ease right into the Reboot phase.  If you are ready you are ready and nothing will stop you.  So rather than talk about how awesome this really is, how happy it is making me being able to do this,  and how this round is going to be be even bigger and better, how bout a few little gems from the forum. 

  • I had a moment of panic as I wasn’t prepared and all my years of crash dieting and being “ready” for the diet hit me hard. Then I re read the info from Amy and realized how different this is. Today is day one of prep. Not just pushed into the actual reboot. -  from the forum
  •  I can already see this not only changing my body but my heart and mind. I’ve got a very warped sense of connection to weight and dieting and food addiction –  Oh boy. I foresee lots of soul change here too.  -  from the forum

  • I appreciated your Day 2 email, Amy. I couldn’t sleep last night and feel a little off-kilter…Your encouraging words and reminder were just the things I needed to hear as I summon resources to take on this day. -  from the forum

  •  BTW – love, love, love the emails. Was reading today’s in the car at camp pickup and it was so inspiring. -  from the forum


COME ON! You don’t want to be cracked out on sugar, white flours, and processed foods that add ingredients to make them addictive.    How to get off of all this stuff? Jump in and educate yourself,  LIVE IT and have support while you change up your game.

Where do you start?

Right here.

Are you rolling around with:

• Headaches
• Low energy
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Skin conditions such as acne
• Insomnia
• Eczema
• Excess weight
• Food Allergies

Your GROUP Reboot Experience Includes the Following:

4 days prep – 7 days Reboot – 4 days transition

Reboot Guide (3 different levels)

100+ recipes

Shopping List

Daily Emails

Food Diary

Meal Planner

Educational Handouts



Private online forum
and some cool new friends!

and a group of Reboot Alumi where you can continue to support each other.  Building a community here!  A Tribe. A Clan. A Club. We will sport members only windbreakers and have meetups at farmers markets and IG our local farm fresh treasures …..if you want? OK maybe not the jackets…..







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