Changing what fuels our physical or emotional selves, wether it be it dietary  and/or lifestyle in nature, is no easy task.  It is in our nature to fall back into old habits whether it is too much time on the computer, fast food, gravitating back toward an unhealthy relationship, smoking, partying, eating what you know you shouldn’t, over analyzing, too much TV, going for that soda, negative thoughts, caffeine, sugar, gossiping, withholding affection, spending money, not being as present for your kids as you would like, overeating, under-eating, obsessing, avoiding, pointing fingers,  and a myriad of other things that we do to unintentionally harm ourselves and the ones we love.

We all rock back into that comfortable space every now and again knowing that it is that part of us that is broken and each time deep down we know that there are bigger, better, healthier, happier things to be had. By revisiting we are also letting go. What an amazing thing to realize and how comforting to fall back on knowing that these setbacks are only temporary and the pain that we sometimes feel is actually healing.

Only we have control over what we do, what we say, how we react, what we put into our mouths and ultimately how we decide to feel toward any given thing.  However, we are only human and it never fails that every once in a while we will find ourselves in that place where our cover has been blown.  It does not mean we are taken back to the start. Don’t let one set back ruin the rest of the day. Get back on track and keep going down the path that you know know your heart is meant to travel.

The most important thing is that we treat ourselves kindly, cut ourselves and the ones we love some slack. The very best we can do for ourselves is to hug whatever it is that we are struggling with tight, love it,  let it go, and step back into the present.  Releasing it a little more each and every time. We will soon recognize  that the things that are bad for us no longer feel as comforting or produce the outcome we genuinely desire. Nor do they fulfill our needs to be everything we are meant to be.  Only then will we begin to form new relationships with food, emotions, ourselves and others. The present will become brighter than anything that held you back in the past and eventually the present  is where you will choose to reside.

Please feel free to share your experiences of some of the things that you find yourself reverting back to? Is the time between setbacks becoming farther and farther apart? Less intense?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

much love,

amy b.



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