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I will probably be eating again in an hour or so but after my green smoothie this morning this is what came next. I’ll take an early lunch over a late lunch any day. Trying not to eat late at night. Go me.

The way things have been working around here is that we are buying with a more bulk mindset. Washing it all as soon as it gets in the house so I don’t have to think about what I am grabbing.  I will cook 2 cups of quinoa and use it over the course of two days. Right now I have red kidney beans soaking to cook in a few days. The hummus should be gone by then.  I’ll roast a few red peppers and store them in a repurposed glass jar. Sauté up enough mushrooms to last for few meals. It cuts WAY down on the amount of cooking that actually takes place, which in turn requires MUCH LESS CLEAN UP. It’s saving my life. Truly.

So today I threw together this in under 5 minutes photo’d it and posted this by the time I was done eating.

  • quinoa
  • roasted red peppers
  • cilantro
  • couple squeezes of lemon
  • few splashes of gluten free tamari.
  • salt and pepper.


Did you know quinoa only has only 32 cal from fat per cup cooked,  is a complete protein and provides 21% of your daily intake of fiber?  Want more statistics?

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